My Best Friend

by Marc-Alexandre Gagnon

Why do my words aggravate my best friend ?
A friend in need never willing to say-
Nor to tell me the truth-
That her person deserves
Such a love that I give
To my friend left to dry
By the movements of time
Thru the windows of our lost memories:

When I sat with my friend
And she kissed my eyes.
Again I could see and I did say that she was
Graceful and so kind to hold,
A woman for my life to yield
Such happiness that I now own.

But why have I been locked out?
Why were my good words ignored?
If I could read your thoughts, my friend,
I would search for the love
Which I know you hold for me.

And from within I would leave you with
The love I've been left without.
It hurts to be forgotten.
Gothic mist . . .
Never in this life could I
Reach you with entirety
For I must first be halfway there.

And then again another half
Betwixt' the first shall come to rise;
I stand as life unfolds itself,
I seek as though I've found the way;

I have and yet I sit to see
The beauty of my melody.
I could not live a life adrift
The devil winds your fathers left;
I am a man of mine own thought:
A realm of gold I gave myself.
Deliver for as we to do...