My Dearest Friend

by Marc-Alexandre Gagnon

For those whom pray for us when times are harsh.
To these we doth confide our dearest love;
To stand alone to know that we've a friend,
A soul whom lives for us, and better still,
A being whom we trust with all our heart
Whom leaves our space and plays a life alone:
This is the greatest gift for one to have.

And I am fond to breathe my air within
The solemn grasp of those whom wish my glare
To see the eyes of one tremendous child
With which their songs are heard and ever sung;

I love to hear the voice of these whom speak
And leave me with a sense of harmony
Far better than the ode I call my own.

My dearest friend, you've been here all along.
Do stay awhile and sift thru life with us.