It’s A Long Goodbye

by Anonymous

She’s leaving me, little by little, I wish she wouldn’t go.
I will be there as long as she needs me. How do I let her know?
I’d like to hold on to the memories, I’d also like to share.
But she’s further away, getting further away. And yet, she’s always there.

It’s a long good-bye, and yet I believe that she can sense us.
So much time between now and then, when it’s time against us.
There are times she almost seems like herself.
Sometimes it’s just a phase. A part of the person I once knew,
and sometimes just a trace.

It’s a long good-bye and still I don’t know just what to say.
There’s so much time between now and then,
because she goes away, a long good-bye.
Tell me how do all the others do it? There’s so much time between now and then.
How do we get through it? It’s a long good-bye.