The Long Goodbye

by Ellen Miller

It's been a long time since we first felt the beginning to this end.
And today we pray before you; your family and your friends.
We've watched your thoughts get more obscure with every passing day;
As this heartless thing called Alzheimer's made them fade away.
Gradually it took the gleam from those once so loving eyes.
To befall on such a giving seemed so unjustified.
Stripping you of everything, leaving nothing in its place...
Except a look of sadness left upon your face.
As long as we have searched, through all the tears we've cried...
We've tried to find the reason for this long good-bye.
But now it's time to take back all your memories...
As you are finally free from this cruel disease.
We pledge to remember the man that you once were;
A good hearted, giving man is all that will be heard.
And every night when we look up and see a certain star...
We will know within our hearts exactly where you are.
So on this day we say good-bye as you now depart.
Although far from our touch, never far from our hearts.