by Ray Mather

‘S cool, man,
It’s the best,
Gotta keep your interest.
Talkin’ is the name of the game
And if you wanna ply
You gotta speak the same.
‘S cool, man,
Understand me if you can.
P.E.’s bad,
Maths is vile,
I tell you, man,
Maths aint my style.
Art’s a doddle,
R.E.’s a doss,
Gotta show’em who’s the boss.
‘S cool, man,
It’s the language they wanna ban.
Science is grotty,
Drama’s dead good,
History I’d skive, if I could.
English is ace,
French is a bind,
I’d love to leave this class behind.
‘S cool, man,
‘S all part of my masterplan.
Miss is magic,
Sir’s a pain,
Head’s a wally, Librarian’s plain.
Dinner’s are skill,
Homework’s a drag,
I’m tellin’ you school aint my bag.
School, man,
‘S cool.