Father's Day for Gay Boys

by Dan Vera

One beside another—brothers
Seven diviners
of what lies beyond the truths we have uncovered.
One makes three, then four, then more
until we move beyond mere numbers.
There is thunder over the city tonight
and of the million hearts we may never see
here in the circle we make commitments
we push the limits of earthly loving.

Electricity visits again,
and the black skies pulse with light—
currents of power by some capillary action.

Sons kiss their fathers.
Sons kiss their fathers to sleep
and the rose-eyed boy remembers himself again.

We are not the sons they ordered
with their patriotic dreaming.
We are not the sons they expected to come down the line.

But we unfold
beyond such kind paternal ignorance.
We unfold within the measure of our time.
And we make peace with the fathers inside of us.
And we give birth to a hidden, long-carried joy within.