A Dementia Friend

by Sarah Merriman

“Who do you see when you look at me ?”
I’m not the person I used to be.
At times I will not know your name,
But really I am not to blame.
Dementia has changed a part of me.
A part that you can’t even see.
It’s had an effect upon my brain,
But deep, deep, down, I’m still the same.
I can still feel and laugh and cry.
So when you see me, don’t pass by,
Without a word, a wave, a smile.
Please just stop and chat a while.
You’ll cheer me up and make my day,
Maybe, we’ll laugh at things I say.
For there’s still humour to be found,
It is not doom and gloom, all round.
So, please, please, treat me just the same.
The word ‘Dementia’ is only a name,
For a condition that I’ve got,
But I can still do such a lot.
I may just need a bit more time,
So please be patient when in line,
I’m struggling at the shopping till.
I’ll get there in the end, I will.
So take a moment, pause a while,
And then give me a nod, a smile.
And maybe then, your hand you’ll lend.
For you are now a ‘Dementia Friend ‘.